Widget Overview


Customers engage with your rewards program through the storefront widget. The widget is an overlay button that opens your loyalty program content. Customers can fin information on earning points, redeeming rewards, enrolling in the program and accessing available point balances in the widget.

On this Page:
  • How the Widget Works
  • Ways to Earn Points
  • Available Rewards
  • Customer Information
  • Customer History
  • Redeeming Rewards

How the Widget Works

After installing the app, the widget is disabled by default. This gives you time to add custom branding and launch your program when you are ready.

When enabled, the widget will display on all pages of your store to provide an interface for customers to engage with your program. Check out Widget Setup to learn more about customizing your widget.

Customers will learn the following in the widget:

  • Program name and welcome
  • Ways to earn points
  • Available rewards

Customers can take the following actions within the widget:

  • Enroll in the program
  • View available points and loyalty history
  • Redeem rewards
  • View all redeemed rewards and access discount codes

Ways to Earn Points

Regardless of whether a customer is already a member of your program, point award options are presented. This helps customers understand how your program works and provides incentive for further engagement with your store.

Available Rewards

Members and non-members alike can browse through the list of available rewards. Loyalty members can redeem rewards when they have earned enough points.

Customer Information

Upon enrollment, select customer information is pulled from Shopify to create a member profile so customers do not have to enter personal information multiple times. Additionally, keeping member accounts linked to your Shopify account means customers only have to log in to your store and not a separate loyalty account. This helps ensure that your rewards program feels like a core part of your store experience and not like a third party app.

Customer accounts are required for enrollment into the program, but customers will be prompted to create an account if they do not already have one.

Member History

Members can access their complete loyalty history, including points earned and redeemed rewards. In this section customers will also see manual point adjustments as well as any customer notes left regarding the adjustment.

Redeemed Rewards

Once members have redeemed a reward, a specific discount code will be generated. Members can access current and past reward codes in the My Rewards section of the loyalty widget. They will be able to refer to when past codes were used and access any codes that may still be active.

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