Widget Setup


Customers will engage with your rewards program through a widget on your store. They can interact with the widget to get information about your program, enroll in the program, view their point balance and redeem rewards.

To ensure a seamless integration with your online store, you may want to customize the look and feel of the widget. Several options are available to ensure the widget is an extension of your business, including color text, and icon. 

Steps to Customize the Loyalty Widget:
  1. From within Shopify Admin, select Online Store under Sales Channels.
  2. Select Theme.
  3. Navigate to Current Theme.
  4. Select Customize.
  5. Navigate to the bottom of the menu on the left side and select Theme Settings. A menu on will open on the right. 
  6. Select App Embeds from the available tabs at the top. This will display all installed apps that display on your store.
  7. Open the Simple Loyalty app. This opens a menu of items to customize. 
  8. Customize any desired settings. Feel free to use the defaults as well.
  9. Save your changes when you are done. This makes your updates live on your store.

For an optimal experience, make sure to have the widget open when making setting changes. You will be able to preview your updates in real time and this will ensure a smoother process.

When you are ready to launch your program, enable the app embed to make the widget live on your store!

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