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Welcome to Simple Loyalty! You can find information about how to setup and implement an effective loyalty program for your business here.

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Who is Simple Loyalty?

At Simple Loyalty our goal is to bring effective and extensible loyalty program options to Shopify Merchants at a reasonable cost. Our experience developing CRM software applications gives us the tools to build a loyalty app with key features that help businesses of all sizes grow and retain customers. We strive to provide a quality product that is simple and effective while keeping costs low. This allows us to offer comprehensive programs at an affordable price!

Key Features

  • Low cost rewards programs that never require an upsell to access available features
  • Pricing model that works for both small and large businesses
  • Unlimited rewards
  • Custom branding for the storefront widget to extend the look and feel of your store to your loyalty program
  • It's simple! Programs are easy to set up and use
  • Comprehensive support is always available for questions, help and requests through live chat and email
  • No Simple Loyalty branding - we believe that loyalty programs should be an extension of your business
  • Automated loyalty confirmation emails maintain a connection with customers
  • App embed functionality means setup is fast and easy - no complicated code configurations


  • Merchants should be using an online store

How to Get Help

We are happy to help. Contact us ifIf you have general questions, need help troubleshooting an issue, or would like to share feedback.

  1. Help Center
    The Help Center is a great place to get information on setting up and managing a program, best practices and basic troubleshooting. You can access Help Center articles from the help widget in the App or from the Simple Loyalty dashboard.
  2. Live Chat
    A help widget is available within the Simple Loyalty app for our merchant partners to contact us. Within the widget merchants can initiate a live chat to get help, ask questions or talk about anything! This is the quickest way to reach us and is the preferred method of contact. It is worth noting that the live chat options is only available once the app has been installed. For questions or help before installation, please see the email contact method below.
  3. Email
    For general information or questions please email us at

Steps to Setup Your Program

  1. Installation guide
  2. Program setup
  3. Create rewards
  4. Learn about members
  5. Learn about loyalty emails
  6. Configure the storefront widget
  7. Launching a program

Next Steps

Check out out installation guide to get started, or jump to program setup .

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