Pricing Plans

Simple Loyalty has one all-inclusive pricing plan. With this plan you have access to all features, including new features as they are developed. To keep it simple, all functionality is available to all Simple clients at an efficient cost in one plan. You will never be asked to upgrade plans to gain access to new features. 

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Free Trial

If you are considering Simple Loyalty, we encourage you to do a free trial of the Simple Loyalty app for 14 days. During the trial period, you will have full access to the app. You won't be charged.

Upon installation you will be asked to accept the billing terms. This is a standard part of app installation in Shopify. It is meant to provide the upfront cost of using the app after the free trial is over.

When your free trial has expired, you will be billed the monthly subscription fee. You are free to uninstall the app before the trial is over to avoid being billed.

Monthly Cost

The monthly subscription cost for Simple Loyalty is $20.00 (USD). There's no additional usage charge for merchants with less than 10,000 members in their loyalty program. Once 10,000 members have enrolled in the program, usage charges will apply. See the usage section for more details.

Usage Costs

For merchants with over 10,000 members enrolled in their loyalty program, an additional $0.02 (USD) per member over the first 10,000 will be added to the monthly charge. It is worth noting that the 10,000 number applies only to members in the loyalty program, and is not calculated from the total number of customers in your Shopify store.

Example Billing:

A store has 11,000 loyalty members. The monthly charge would be $20 subscription price + ($0.02 x 1,000 members over 10,000) = $40 USD.

Checkout more detailed information about the billing cycle.

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