Simple Loyalty is a subscription app. In this article we will cover how the billing process works for Simple Loyalty.

14 Day Free Trial

Simple Loyalty offers all merchants a 14 day trial of the app, during which time merchants will not be billed. The trial begins when the app is installed. When the trial is over, a subscription charge will be added to the monthly Shopfiy statement. The app can be uninstalled at any time before the free trial is over to avoid getting billed.

Subscription and Usage Charges

Simple Loyalty charges are billed through Shopify every 30 days. You will see the subscription charge from Simple Loyalty directly on your monthly Shopify statement. 

Some merchants may incur additional usage charges. Usage charges are also billed every 30 days. Usage charges are added to your Shopify statement in the same way as the subscription charge. Usage charges do not apply to all merchants. You will be informed of usage charges and prompted to review updated billing terms before charges appear on your next Shopify statement.

For more information about Simple Loyalty's price model, check out Pricing Plans.

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