Installation Guide

Thank you for choosing Simple Loyalty! We are excited to work with you. Let'sbegin by installing the Simple Loyalty app for your Shopify online store.

On this Page:
  • Before you Install
  • Install the App
  • App Permissions
  • Free Trial and Billing Terms
  • Next Steps

Before you Install

Let's check on a few items to make sure that Simple Loyalty will work with your Shopify setup. 

Simple Loyalty works by creating an app embed for your store theme. By using an app embed, we do not have to inject custom code into your store theme. We can simply add an overlay widget on the store that extends loyalty functionality. Additionally, app embeds are easy to configure. They do not require complicated configurations, and all settings are available within the theme app embed section. 

There are a few more items to be aware of before you install:

  • Simple Loyalty is offered in English (multiple currency types are supported)
  • Must be using an online store

Install the App

Simple Loyalty can be installed from the Shopify app store. 

  1. Find the Simple Loyalty App in the app store.
  2. Click Install app. A new window will open.
  3. Accept the app permissions. More information on app permissions can be found below.
  4. Accept the billing terms. You will not be billed until the free trial is over. More information about the billing terms can be found below.
  5. Congrats! You have successfully installed the app. Check out the Next Steps section below to get started setting up your program.

App Permissions

Simple Loyalty needs to access select data from your Shopify store to provide your rewards program. This includes things like basic store information, customers and order data. This data is used only with your loyalty program and is never shared.

Free Trial and Billing Terms

Before you are billed for Simple Loyalty, you will be enrolled in a 14 day free trial of the app. During this time you will have access to all features so you can determine if Simple Loyalty is right for you. At the end of the free trial, a recurring subscription charge will be added to your Shopify statement. You can cancel and uninstall at any time.

More information about the billing process can be found on the Billing article.

Next Steps

Now that you have successfully installed Simple Loyalty, you are ready to build out your custom loyalty program! Check out the next article for program setup.

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