Enable or Disable Loyalty Widget


Customers interact with your program through the storefront widget.You can enable or disable this widget at any time. Customers will only be able to access it when it is enabled. The widget will be disabled by default after installing the Simple Loyalty app. This is done to ensure you have a chance to set up your program, customize the widget display and can launch your program on your own time. 

Steps to Enable or Disable the Widget:
  1. From within Shopify Admin, select Online Store under Sales Channels.
  2. Select Theme.
  3. Navigate to Current Theme.
  4.  Select  Customize.
  5. Navigate to the bottom of the menu on the left side and select Theme Settings. A menu on will open on the right. 
  6. Select App Embeds from the available tabs at the top. This will display installed apps that display on your store.
  7. Selecting the toggle setting next to Simple Loyalty app will enable or disable the widget. Be sure to save your changes.
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