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Confirmation emails are sent to customers when they earn points or redeem rewards. Emails are built in to your program so you don't have to worry about any addition setup or configuration. This article highlights when customers will receive loyalty emails, what they look like and how email preferences can be managed.

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Confirmation Emails

Any time a customer earns points or redeems a reward, an email will be sent confirming the transaction. Emails are tailored to the transaction type. For example, a customer who just placed an order will receive an order specific email while a customer celebrating a birthday will receive a birthday specific confirmation email.

Transaction emails are sent on behalf of your program. The email content does not include any Simple Loyalty branding.

Type of emails a customer could receive (depending on available point triggers):

  • Sign-up point award
  • Order points award
  • Birthday points award
  • Referral points award
  • Reward redemption

Sample Emails

Below are a few representative emails that a customer may receive:




Opt-out of Emails

Customers enrolled in the program will receive emails by default. However, we recognize that not all customers wish to receive confirmation emails. Email preferences can be adjusted by the customer directly using the Manage email preferences link included at the end of every email. Merchants can adjust email preferences for customers as well.

Steps for merchants to edit email preferences:
  1. Navigate to the Members section of the app.
  2. Search for and select the member requesting the change.
  3. Select Edit email preferences.
  4. Enable or disable email preferences as requested.

Next Steps

Add custom branding to your storefront widget, or launch your program.

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