Program Setup

Configuring your program only takes a few minutes. This article will provide guidance on the setup process and highlight best practices for program success.

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  • Point Awards
  • Customer Emails
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Program setup starts with configuring program settings. Program settings are located in the app within Shopify Admin.

  1.  Select Apps from the menu in Shopify Admin.
  2. Select Simple Loyalty.
  3. Navigate to Program Settings.

Program Name

This name will display to customers in the storefront widget. Your program will come with a default named after your store, but feel free to add a custom name if desired.

Point Awards

Point awards allow you to choose which engagements will earn customers points. You will add the number of points to award for each award type you wish to enable. 

Signup Point Bonus

A signup point bonus is a great way to create incentive for customers to enroll in your rewards program. When enabled, signup points are only awarded once per customer upon initial enrollment.

Completed Order Points

Order points are often used to promote higher order values. When customers complete a purchase, they will receive a point award that corresponds with the purchase amount. 

When enabled, you will select the point amount to be awarded per dollar spent on orders. For example, if you select 1 point per dollar spent, a customer with a $100 order value would earn 100 points. Points can be awarded on the subtotal or the complete order total as follows:

  • Subtotal: The price of the order after discounts but before shipping, taxes, and tips.
  • Order total: The sum of all line item prices, discounts, shipping, taxes, and tips.
Birthday Point Awards

Awarding points to customers on their birthday can be a great way to foster relationships and encourage additional ordering. When enabled, customers can add their birthday to their profile within the storefront widget. The point award will automatically happen on their birthday.

Customers can add their birthday at any time, there is no requirement to add it in advance. However, customers will only earn birthday points once per calendar year. This means that if a customer changes their birthday and have already earned points for the year, they will not earn points again until the following year.


Customer acquisition can be challenging, but using your existing customers to promote your business is a great avenue to grow your customer base. Using the referral program in Simple Loyalty, members can earn points for referring customers to your store. When enabled, members receive a specific discount code to share with potential customers to use on your store. When the customer completes the order, the loyalty member will earn points that can be redeemed for rewards.

Customer Emails

Customers will receive an email whenever they earn points or redeem a reward. If birthday points are enabled, the customer will receive an email on their birthday with their award amount and direct them to your online store.

For more detailed information about how loyalty emails work, check out Loyalty Emails.

Best Practices

  1. Give your program a memorable name. Having a unique and fun program will help you stand out from other stores.
  2. Choose a signup bonus amount that is not too large or too small. You want a point amount that makes customers excited to continue earning points. Often this is an amount that is close to the amount needed to unlock a lower level reward.
  3. Promote your rewards program as much as possible. Encouraging customers to engage with your store through a loyalty program is mutually beneficial.

Next Steps

Next up, let's create some rewards.

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