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How Rewards Work

Rewards are discounts that have to be unlocked. When a customer has earned enough points, they can redeem a reward for a discount.

After a reward is redeemed, a customer specific discount code is created for the loyalty member. The member will receive the code in the widget as well as a confirmation email with the discount code information.

Merchants have access to all discount codes created for redeemed rewards in Shopify Admin under Discount Codes. Discount codes are single use and do not expire.

Adding Rewards

Merchants can add as many rewards as needed, there is no limit to the number of rewards a program can have.

  1. From the Simple Loyalty App admin, select the Rewards tab from the menu.
  2. Select the Create Reward button.
  3. Enter a point value. This is the amount of points customers will have to redeemed to unlock the reward.
  4. Enter an amount. This is the discount amount the customer will receive.
  5. Save the reward.

Once the reward is created it will be available to customers to redeem. 

Next Steps

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